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ARTSA Welcomes a New Honorary Member: Association of Aeronautical Experts Serbia

The Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA) is delighted to announce the addition of a new honorary member, the Association of Aeronautical Experts Serbia (AAES). This respected organization brings expertise and dedication to advancing aeronautical knowledge and standards in Serbia and beyond.

The membership will provide AAES with a platform to collaborate with other industry leaders, share best practices, and contribute to the evolution of regulatory training standards.

As honorary members, the Association of Aeronautical Experts Serbia will have the opportunity to participate in ARTSA’s initiatives, contribute to policy discussions, and engage in collaborative projects to enhance regulatory training and aviation standards.

About the Association of Aeronautical Experts Serbia

Founded in 2009, the Association of Aeronautical Experts Serbia is a non-profit organization committed to establishing and promoting the highest standards in aviation in Serbia. It embraces cooperation with national and international organizations to enhance aviation professionals’ living and working conditions globally.

AAES is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in aviation through continuous education and training. The organization actively engages in professional courses, international aviation meetings, and public debates on relevant legislation. For details, see

Their commitment to excellence in training and professional development aligns seamlessly with ARTSA’s objectives of setting high aviation regulatory training and compliance standards.


At, we are driven by the collective goal to harmonize aviation regulatory training standards. We provide a central platform where best practices, innovative learning methods, and professional development converge to form the cornerstone of superior aviation safety education.

Our key objectives include:

  • Developing EASA-compliant training standards for uniform adoption.
  • Establishing a globally recognized benchmark for regulatory training excellence.
  • Encouraging our membership to embody these universal standards.
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional advancement.
  • Facilitating an interconnected web of global cooperation among our members.

Next Steps

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