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Case Study: Enrolment Growth of Sofema Online Post-Membership with Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (


Following Sofema Online’s (SOL) membership with the Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (, the platform has seen a significant 15% increase in first-quarter enrolments for 2024, reaching nearly 8,500 platform enrolments. This case study explores the benefits and outcomes of this strategic partnership for training organizations.

About Sofema Online

  • Leading Provider: Sofema Online is the world’s premier provider of online training courses for the general, business, and commercial aviation sectors.
  • Focus on Quality: SOL strongly emphasizes regulatory and vocational training and delivers high-quality, cost-effective training solutions designed to enhance the competence and understanding of aviation professionals.
  • Regulatory Compliance: SOL’s courses assist individuals and companies in meeting regulatory requirements, maintaining high standards of safety, and improving operational efficiency.

Benefits of Joining ARTSA

  • Increased Visibility:
    • ARTSA’s platform significantly boosts the visibility of training organizations within the aviation and aerospace sectors.
    • By showcasing courses on a broader stage, organizations can attract a wider audience, including professionals and companies seeking specific training solutions.
  • Brand Visibility:
    • Membership with ARTSA enhances a brand’s visibility among industry professionals, potential clients, and partners.
    • This is vital for smaller organizations looking to establish themselves and larger entities aiming to maintain industry leadership.
  • Enhanced Credibility:
    • Affiliation with ARTSA enhances an organization’s credibility and reputation in the industry.
    • Membership signals a commitment to quality, safety, and aviation and aerospace training excellence.
  • Access to Industry Insights:
    • ARTSA provides members with valuable insights into industry trends, regulatory changes, and professional development needs.
    • This information is crucial for aligning training offerings with market demands and staying competitive.
  • Advocacy and Influence:
    • ARTSA plays a role in shaping policies and standards within the aviation and aerospace industries.
    • Membership provides a voice in these discussions, allowing organizations to advocate for beneficial changes in the training sector.

Sofema Online’s Success with ARTSA

The 15% increase in first-quarter enrolments, bringing the total to nearly 8,500, demonstrates the tangible benefits of ARTSA membership. This growth highlights the effectiveness of ARTSA’s platform in expanding reach and underscores the quality and relevance of SOL’s training offerings.

Why Join ARTSA?

If you’re an aviation training organization focusing on EASA or FAA subjects, joining ARTSA can help you expand your reach, enhance credibility, and connect with a broader audience. The advantages of ARTSA membership can directly impact your organization’s growth, development, and industry positioning.

By partnering with ARTSA, you gain access to a platform that supports excellence in training. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your training offerings and achieve greater success. Join esteemed organizations like Sofema Online and watch your enrolments soar.

Visit ARTSA’s website to learn more about membership benefits and how to join: ARTSA Membership

Next Steps

Take the first step towards transforming your training organization’s future. Contact ARTSA now to explore partnership opportunities and benefit from increased visibility, networking, and industry insights.

Together, let’s set new standards of excellence in aviation and aerospace training. For more information email: