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Sofema Online Considers EASA Compliant Regulatory Training Standards Support Information Available on ARTSA Website.

Sofema Online, a notable aviation training platform, recognizes the value of the resources available on the Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA) website. 

ARTSA Introduction

  • The Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association (ARTSA) is a non-profit organization focused on enhancing the quality of regulatory aviation training globally. ARTSA’s main objectives include introducing, promoting, and maintaining uniform standards in aviation training, with a strong commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation.
  • The organization is known for uniting EASA-compliant regulatory training organizations across the globe, fostering a cooperative learning environment.

Promoting Quality of Regulatory Training Standards

  • ARTSA plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of aviation training. It is dedicated to creating a globally recognized benchmark in regulatory training, offering continuous improvement resources, and representing its members’ interests in engagements with regulators, governments, and stakeholders.
  • By joining ARTSA, members can gain global recognition for their training standards.

Accrediting Regulatory Training Organisations

  • One key aspect of ARTSA’s activities is accrediting organizations that provide training in the aviation industry. This accreditation is important for maintaining high standards in regulatory training. For instance,
  • Sofema Online, a notable player in the aviation training sector, achieved full membership accreditation from ARTSA, highlighting the importance of ARTSA’s role in the industry.
  • This accreditation process involves evaluating the training organization’s course content, delivery methods, instructor qualifications, and quality management systems.

Using ARTSA Association Website Resources –

  • The resources available on the ARTSA Association website are designed to assist with understanding and implementing EASA regulatory standards in aviation training.
  •  They provide guidelines and self-assessment tools for effective training delivery, whether it be in a classroom, via webinar, or virtually.
  • Utilizing these resources can help in identifying potential issues and concerns in aviation training, and they offer best practices to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

 – This is particularly important for organizations and individuals in the aviation sector looking to maintain high standards of safety and efficiency in their training programs.

Here we consider a brief overview of each resource available on the ARTSA Association’s resources page:

  • ARTSA Statutes: This document outlines the structure and governance of the ARTSA Association. It can be used to understand the organization’s legal and operational framework.
  • ARTSA Registration Form: This form is necessary for those interested in joining or collaborating with the ARTSA Association. It can be used to initiate membership or partnership.
  • Classroom Training Self-Assessment Checklist: This checklist helps evaluate the effectiveness and compliance of classroom-based aviation training programs. It’s a tool for identifying areas of improvement and ensuring adherence to EASA standards.
  • Webinar Training Self-Assessment Checklist: Similar to the classroom training checklist, this is tailored for webinar-based training, helping ensure that remote training sessions meet regulatory requirements.
  • Virtual Training Self-Assessment Checklist: Focused on virtual training environments, this checklist assists in evaluating and refining online training modules in line with EASA regulations.

Each resource is designed to assist aviation training providers in meeting EASA standards, ensuring quality, and maintaining safety in their training programs. For detailed information on each resource, visit the ARTSA Association website