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Are you choosing an ARTSA Provider for Third Country EASA Part 66 Module 9 & 10 Training?

EASA requires that Third Country Part 145 Certifying Staff are familiar with and can demonstrate completion of EASA Part 66 Training appropriate to Module 9 Human Factors & Module 10 Air Legislation.

EASA Foreign Part-145 approval holders should receive training which is specifically developed to meet the needs of Base, Line & Component Maintenance Organisation, In Accordance with the requirements of EASA document UG.CAO.00126-003 & CAO.00121-004

Consideration needs to be given to managing training in Human Factors, Organisational Procedures, EASA Regulations, Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS) and Fuel Tank Safety (FTS) to an organisation standard which meets the needs and objectives of the organisation, and of course, demonstrates compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements

Training programs should ensure that maintenance personnel are qualified, competent, and current in their knowledge and skills.

Choose wisely! – Elevate Your Aviation Standards with EASA-Compliant Training

  • Staying compliant with the latest regulations is not just a necessity; it’s a mandatory obligation
  • Your search for unparalleled regulatory training ends with an Aviation Regulatory Training Standards Association member!

Why Choose an Member? symbolizes a commitment to quality in aviation training. As a dedicated entity for delivering EASA-compliant training, selecting a provider associated with means you’re opting for quality in aviation education. stands out as the pinnacle of quality and excellence in the world of aviation training.

  • As the sole standards organization devoted to the effective delivery of EASA-compliant regulatory training, choosing a provider who demonstrates membership with means you’re choosing a leader in EASA-Compliant Regulatory aviation education.

Key Benefits of Choosing an member

  •  Assured Compliance: ARTSA Members’ training aligns strictly with EASA standards, ensuring your team is knowledgeable and compliant.
  • Industry Recognition: Being trained by an member means your qualifications are respected and recognized industry-wide.
  • Cutting-edge Content: Receive the most current and comprehensive training material, tailored to the ever-changing landscape of aviation regulations.

Make the Smart Choice

Is your current training provider a member of

  • Ensure your training provider not only meets the industry standards but also sets new benchmarks.
  • Don’t just train, elevate your team’s expertise with a provider that’s not just part of the industry but shapes it. If your current provider isn’t demonstrating membership of, it’s time to reconsider.

Act Now – Transform Your Training Experience

Empower your aviation journey with training that sets you apart. Choose excellence, choose membership

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